Monday, 29 September 2008

this is ... what i want to be when i grow up

It's a bit of an "are-we-there-yet?" topic.

When I grow up, I want to be a grown up. No delayed adolescence, no mid-life crisis, no Peter Pan, no mutton dressed as lamb. It's not so much what do I want to be when I grow up (because how do you know, really, when you've got there?). It's a question of
how do I want to grow up?

Gracefully, and with every grey hair on my head.

Incidentally, while I was at the library looking for a book on Christian Lacroix (because his house muse is the terribly beautiful and totally grey Marie Seznec and I just can't find a good photo of her online), I came across this book instead - Going Gray by Anne Kreamer. At age 49 she realised, dyed hair and all, that she still looked 49 anyway and that it was time to stop with all the artifice, get authentic and go grey. Good on her, I say. I'm enjoying reading it and amongst her findings are that being grey doesn't make you look old, it just makes you look your age, it's not an impediment to dating and it saves thousands of dollars on hairdresser appointments. Truly, just thinking about the tyranny of the Clairol packet gives me the shivers.

So, growing up - am I there yet? Well, grey hair-wise, about half way.


Moorecat said...

Yay!! I'm afraid I've become a bit of an evangelist about this topic; actually my genes have forced me into it, as Mum and Dad both went grey early.

In the scheme of things it's not that serious, like breast cancer or Alheimer's, is it?

nicole said...

Here here! I'm a big fan of stylish women rocking their silver hair. No nasty dyes for this girl!

Nikki said...

You GO girl! And you look FAB because you're grown up enough to be naturally you.

I heard an interview with that author on the radio and have been meaning to find her book to read. I started going grey (and colouring)at 17 and am at the point where I struggle to maintain the artifice. Just trying to prepare myself for the shock of WHAT LIES BENEATH!

Cindy said...

I too got dipped out on the early greying gene and at early 20's had lots of ntural hightlights. I think it is great though to think in terms of how you age, not just what you do!

yarnivorous said...

I am still waiting for my first grey hair to show up. Nathan has plenty - he is almost starting to look distinguished! :-)

Anonymous said...

She is totally stylish – I often see her pic in magazines.