Monday, 19 December 2011

black walnut clemence

I actually finished this one before reclemence.

The Vital Statistics
Clémence by Katya Frankel, available for free through Ravelry.
cast on 90 stitches.
Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica in an unknown colourway; 0.8 skeins.
Stash/recycle content:
100 per cent; I purchased this yarn at Value Village in Redmond. It had no ball band.
Start to finish:
24th to 26th of November 2011.
This was one of those burning-a-hole in my cupboard skeins of yarn, just needing to be used. So I did. I'm not sure if that forced approach to pairing a yarn with its destiny is ever really a good idea. My problem is mostly with the yarn - there are some beautiful shades in it but it's all so patchy that the beauty is lost. Ever heard that about variegated yarns before? Ever heard that here before? Yup.
Stay away from variegated yarn, even if it is a super cheap steal of a thrifting find.

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