Monday, 30 January 2012

2011 revisited

Here's what I made:

These were my aims for 2011:

Twenty-eight completed projects, of which 18 were knit, four crochet, and three sewing; and I managed some jewellery and printmaking this year.

I made seven hats, nine shawls/cowls/scarves, two adult garments (that's twice as many as last year!) and six baby/child garments. Thirteen things were for me (although I subsequently gave a few away), four things for my children, two for my husband, seven items were given away and three were for good causes. Stash/recycle content was included in ten items (I do wish it had been more).

Here is what I had intended for 2011:

- read at least one book each month
- complete knit projects that are more than one year old:
diamond mittens, faux prussian stole, baudelaire socks
- complete sewing projects that are more than one year old: doily quilt
- a garment for Tim
- craft from stash and use recycled materials

How did I go? I didn't actually manage to read at least a book per month although I did manage to read 18 books altogether. I dealt with those terribly old knitting projects by: frogging, finishing and ignoring respectively. The quilt got pinned together ready for quilting and Tim got his first garment. Not nearly as much was made from stash or recycled materials as I would have liked but there's always 2012 ...

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Leonie said...

Regardless of your aims for the year, your output is inspiring :-)