Friday, 16 March 2012

what a duffer

The Vital Statistics
Pattern: Duffers - revisited by Mindie Tallack.
Size: I knit size US 3/EUR 33 but, unh, felted them until they fit my friend's three-year old (unh, not on purpose).
Cascade 220 Wool in 7803 'magenta' (0.45 skeins) and 9404 'ruby' (0.5 skeins); 100 per cent wool.
Needles: I used two pairs of 8mm circulars to knit these.
Start to finish: 16 January to 19 January 2012.
Stash/recycle content: Nope, bought the yarn for this purpose.

I initially knit these slippers as a gift for a six-year old's birthday. The US 3 size would have been way too big so I felted them enthusiastically. Too enthusiastically. My sizing problems were complicated a bit by the fact that the largest size in the Little Duffers (children's version) is a US 11/EUR 28.5 whereas the smallest size in Duffers - revisited is the US 3/EUR 33. This leaves quite a size gap and better judgement on the felting than I had anticipated.

I am a bit concerned by how much the back of the slipper curves in but that may have been a result of the over-felting. Also, I do not recommend adding towels to the washing machine for friction when felting as you end up with the memory of them scattered all over the felted item in the form of unsightly little specks of cotton.

Verdict: Will try again.

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