Saturday, 2 January 2010


Happy new year!

I'm very excited about 2010 - we're really settled in here in Seattle, we have a new family member and there is so much to be made, ah done. A quick look back first: This time last year I wrote that it was going to be a priority to read more books. Hmmm, I have read a few and more is a relative term. Was there a real dearth in 2008? I'm going to keep trying on this one. I also wanted to craft from my fabric stash but looking at the photos above I can see that most of the fabrics used here were purchased for the purpose. I think that some of the knitting came from stash.

projects: 32
knitting: 17, sewing: 14, other: 1
recycled/refashioned/upcycled: 24
made from stash: 6

This was also quite a year of firsts - my first significant piece of lace (Swallowtail shawl) and my first adult garments (Wallingford, Sunrise Circle and Pimlico Snug). And I finally completed the felted jumper bag - hooray! All in all, a very satisfying year. (And there's one project in there that I haven't shared yet - some mittens.)

So, 2010 - well, now I have two children to sew for and I hope that this will translate into twice as much sewing. And this year, this year it's s-t-r-e-t-c-h; yes, I am going to come to terms with sewing knits. I now have my machine and overlocker set up side by side in my own sewing space so there are no excuses! And I'll stick with crafting from stash and reading books again. What about you? Any craft horizons that you are determined to conquer this year?

(ps. I pinched this fantastic mosaic trick from Di.)


stitchin' girl said...

Lots of wonderful things completed in 2009! I like your goals. My only "goal" this year is to simplify - slow down and enjoy each moment more.

Di said...

My you were productive.
And well organised to be able to tally it all up.