Saturday, 18 September 2010


I think that I have a good memory. I remember peoples' names, I remember details about them, I remember episodes and feelings from childhood. Sometimes what I remember though is just a sliver and that can be frustrating. For ever so long now I have had a fragment of memory of books that I read as a child, probably in the eighties:

1. in this book the young female protagonist gets kidnapped and raises the alarm by switching on a stove which ignites a bag that is sitting on it and sets off the alarm.

2. a book about a kidnapping; when the young male protagonist tries to escape he recalls that people often stand with their weight on only one foot.

3. a spooky book where the young female protagonist has an excellent sense of time and so realises that her father's new love interest and her son are somehow living forever.

These are truly the only details that I could remember about these books. I posted my queries to Abebooks'
BookSleuth® forum and lo and behold within a day I had my answers from other readers:

Third Eye by Lois Duncan
On the Edge by Gillian Cross
Locked in Time by Lois Duncan

I'm really excited to read these childhood favourites again, but also apprehensive as I guess that the impact that young adult fiction will have on me twenty years later will not be quite so profound. I'll let you know.

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