Saturday, 5 November 2011


A while back, quite some time ago, ok about three years ago I did some screen printing - a quick afternoon class at Pratt Fine Arts Center, an introductory course at the Vera Project. And my silk screen equipment has gathered dust in the basement ever since.

But the spark of interest didn't go away and flared up again when I saw this intriguing button on Di's blog - 'handprinted: a fabric swap'. Ah, just what I need, I thought, to give me reason to get back to it. Yes, just what I need - juggling baby sitters and open studio session times, feverish child, frantic thrift store visits for fabric to print on, frantic art supply store visits, cancelled studio sessions and a deadline.

Yes, I'm really having fun.


shandy said...

I've been reading your entries re reusing items. I was brought up to salvage buttons off things like shirts, which were otherwise worn out. I remember, too, having a coat which had been cut down from an adult one. Indeed, as the third child, I hardly had anything new unless my mother made it herself. But the world has moved on. It is a different thing to be able to choose to make do and mend.

Di said...

:) hope you have enjoyed the printing as much as I did! Hope feverish child is well again too. xx

Tania said...

Ha! I know EXACTLY where you're coming from.