Monday, 15 October 2012

knitting - encouragement required

Certainly one of the greatest dilemmas for any travelling knitter is - "what knitting to take?"

Yes, there is always the welcome opportunity, should the knitter in question tragically run out of knitting, to purchase more yarn, even just a single skein of something really nice. Actually, that's a good idea as a souvenir anytime but I digress. It's more of a dilemma when there is actual knitting to do but none of it is really inspiring.

I have tired a bit of my Betty Mouat Cowl, unsure whether it is really working out. It is actually working out exactly as I had envisioned and intended, I'm just feeling unsure whether I got that vision and intention right. I was very successful using Judy's Magic Cast-on for my 441 provisional stitches. I am getting just the effect that I desired of a pale band in the middle of the cowl, the colour progression to the dark hues is a little more abrupt than I had expected. I've just ... run out of ... steam a bit ....

And then to just add to the disenchantment - Cladonia. I love this shawl pattern, I love the yarn and colours that I have chosen but it is just not working out (again) and I cannot bear the thought of re-knitting it (a third time).

I am waiting for some yarn to arrive in the mail with which I will be able to finish off the triple-picot edge (not a prospect to relish) - yes, I know that I swore I was going to finish it with what I had but then I swore so much that I reconsidered. I didn't buy the yarn, a lovely fellow Raveller is giving it to me, a whole skein's worth!

So really, all the effort that I went to to laboriously unpick and laboriously reweave those two 'truffle hunt' rows was ... just laborious. And tedious. And in retrospect completely unnecessary. I am even tempted to rip back a good two thirds of it to rework the stripe sequence but now I dread not only knitting the lace again but also the striped rows with all the extra increases that I have introduced at the edges. Actually, scrap that notion altogether - I have so little of the 'old world' left over (and not to hand) that I couldn't risk re-knitting the stripes. Solved! When the yarn arrives, I will knit the picot edge, fix up a bit where I have started another unnecessary row of shawl surgery, block it and claim 'design choice' to explain any flaws.

Still, any encouragement on either of these projects would be greatly appreciated.


Ann said...

I agree about the Cladonia -- fix it up, bind off (less fancily if you can't bear it) and move on. I have a few things I sort of want to tweak on my Color Affection but not going to do it, nope, not going there.

The cowl I would put aside if you're not thrilled with it at the moment. I'm totally with you on the abrupt changes -- yarn that doesn't do what you envision is so frustrating, and there's not a lot you can do about it. After some time, I think you'll fall in love with it again, or come up with a better plan.

My problem is that all the knitting time I have is at the playground, and all the ideas I have are for the machine. Got a solution for that one?

Kathie said...

I LOVE the cowl; really liked the color progression when I saw in it real life, and I still like it. The yarn has a great halo, and the cockles add a fabulous texture to the whole thing. As for the Cladonia, yes, just finish it, and wear it. (But I will admit, that I'm actually not a fan of the pattern, and you know how I feel about purple, so I could be rushing to hasty judgement on that one.)

And if encouragement doesn't work, I'll give you back some of your own advice, "Knit a hat."

Leonie said...

So how's it going Amelia?

The cowl is very stripey, but it's got a great sense of depth resulting from this, light and shadow sort of. I like it.

The Cladonia: I suspect there's some over thinking going on. Finish the edging, fix the attempted surgery, move on to something that will please you more easily :-)