Wednesday, 19 December 2012

hello dear blog

Hello dear blog readers (blog readers? anyone out there still?). It has been a while, change of country, change of time zone, change of residence - moving has quite taken it out of me. But I'm back to get the ball of yarn rolling because knitting continues, no matter what!

My Cladonia (remodelled) is currently blocking (and my fingertips are nigh bleeding after pinning out every one of those blasted little picots - ouch!). It is indeed much larger than the first one I knit, certainly wider but perhaps not quite as deep as I might have liked.

I have just realised that the first version was actually my first finished knit this year. I hope that it won't be my last; there are still 12 days left and I have some elephants coming along nicely.


Leonie said...

Hello dear Amelia, so happy to see you have found the end of your Cladonia, well done!

Ann said...

Hello dear Amelia, I completely agree about moving and home renovation besides. Show us a photo of your new craft room!

Kay Hobby said...

Hi Amelia, Good to read your posts again. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the new year back home. Happy knitting!I'm glad to have had achance to know you. Cheers and love to your family as well.

Kathie said...

So glad it's finished! And it looks lovely, too.