Friday, 16 May 2008

the cure

... for jet lag is parenthood! Twenty months of broken sleep, irregular sleep, disturbed sleep, too little sleep and here we are, home safe and sound after fifty hours of travel (including an overnight stopover) and I feel pretty ok.

Our travels took us to Paris, and also Zurich, Bern, Milan, Goettingen and Quedlinburg, plus a very rushed afternoon in Singapore. There was lots of museuming, a couple of wonderful yarn shops, premium op shopping in Switzerland, books books books, food food food, sunshine, speaking foreign languages (I impressed myself with what I could manage in French), family, friends, airports, train stations, a small lost luggage experience and plenty of chocolate. Too few photos because I, oops, left the camera in Switzerland and it is still making its way home to us.

Craft/life blogging will resume shortly although I am going to have get imaginative with achieving images using the scanner.

Now, the cure for toddler jet lag? That would appear to be a different matter entirely, one that may just keep me up all night.


Tracy said...

I'd normally be envious of all that travel but not when there's a toddler too :) Sounds like a wonderful trip. I'm enjoying reading through your older posts too.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!