Wednesday, 28 May 2008

true blue

This is an Australian blog - maybe not quite true blue, perhaps more true periwinkle or true sapphire. Anyway, point is, I am Australian and this is my blog. I don't particularly identify as being "Aussie" - I never say 'g'day' and am completely disinterested in AFL. But I do spell recognise with an s, not a z; I knit moss stitch, not seed stitch; I cast off, I don't bind off; I go to the op shop, not the thrift store and in my craft lexicon there's no such thing as single crochet. My locally posts are about my local neighbourhood (note there's a u in there) which I love and where I have lived for nigh on 20 years (with a few excursions). Whenever I read the international news I am grateful for Australia's political stability, good free health care and easy-going lifestyle.

So, what will happen when we move to Seattle next month? Yes, we spent a good 2.5 hours yesterday at the US Consulate General here in Melbourne applying for our visas. Tim has a 12-month contract at Microsoft Research and I am gearing up for my year as a dependent (potentially the most challenging aspect of the whole venture). Thanks to the internationally accessible nature of the internet blogging will continue, as will crafting. Locally posts will take on a whole new flavour.

Twelve months - goodness,
in that time I may even get something done.

ps - if you're in the Seattle area and read this blog, please do let me know!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful time in Seattle! It's a wonderful place in a beautiful region, and there's a lively crafting community there. I don't live in Seattle myself (alas!), but I suggest you subscribe to the blog not martha (if you don't already). She lives in Seattle and posts often about local events and resources (both crafty and non-crafty).

Tricia said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in Seattle. It's supposed to be beautiful. No doubt in 12 months time you will become bilingual and speak both American and Aussie!Best wishes,
Tricia and Annemieke

leslie said...

wow! you will love seattle, it's a great city with a good indie vibe. looking forward to hearing your take on the difference between aus and north america.

Silvia said...

Oh, I know someone in Seattle that works for Microsoft.

They moved from Canada to the US about 8 years ago.

Good luck with it all.

delamare said...

Oh Amelia - I am feeling that I'll miss you because you're moving away from Balaclava, but of course I won't because you'll still be blogging! (And plus, we haven't actually met.)

What a wonderful and exciting opportunity. I'm looking forward to reading up on your adventures in Seattle (where you'll be able to enjoy proper rain, amongst other things).

yarnivorous said...

Gosh, you only had to wait 2.5 hours? Lucky you! lol
Good luck with the move - we'll be just down the coast in San Jose.

Anonymous said...

Wow, an exciting move. Microsoft, hey. Does that mean Tim will be earning squillions? Is he a computer dud then? I suppose this 12 months leaves you lots of time for knitting, felting, blogging, thrifting and...the world is your oyster.

Gina E. said...

Oh no - what's going to happen to your Op shop blog?? Can you still run that from over the other side of The Pond??

Maureen Reynolds said...

You may get mold on you from the PNW weather ;-) but you have the potential of a beautiful garden. Seattle is a green city, nature wise and people wise, and it is a young city. I think you will love your time there.

We love our visits and I ditto Not Martha.