Saturday, 13 December 2008

hands project 2008: update

Back in February this year I wrote about Taryn Ferris' Hands Project. Here is an update:

Thank you for contributing to my Hands Project 2008. It has now been four months since I completed my dissertation.

To my delight the theory and analysis that has developed from the project has been received very well. I wanted to share this success with all those involved, and thank you for your time and effort. Without your input I would not have had a project.

Unfortunately, I was not able to produce a book exhibiting/displaying the entire project as first devised. However, I am considering creating a shorter book via PhotoBox which will include a compilation of your responses (words & images) with some brief commentary from my dissertation. This book will be available for you to purchase at cost price (circa GBP20.99) plus postage. The book's production is subject to demand; I require a minimum of five orders before I take it forward.

If you are interested in receiving one of these books, please reply to by Friday December 19th 2008.



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