Saturday, 20 December 2008


After several months of patience and thrift perseverance, I finally found Scrabble!

And not just any Scrabble set, but a 1982 deluxe edition. The board has a clear plastic grid over the top to keep the letters in place, an inbuilt rotating tray (which keeps the board just high enough off the table so that the little shelves for the letter tiles fit underneath) and dark wood letter tiles (all of which are there).

How many points for an exclamation mark?


Leonie said...

We have that set! And where did you get the exclamation point from or did you sneakily make it?
I bought it for my now husband quite a few years ago but I'm sure sometime since 1982 since I didn't meet him until 10 years after that!!!!

Chara Michele said...

That looks like a great set!

Di said...

Score indeed- my parents have that set! (or at least, they did have it many years ago, and we played on it regularly).