Thursday, 23 July 2009

blue wren

Finally, we seem to be back on track here in Seattle. Settled back in, sleeping well and the new charger for my camera battery arrived. Yes, somehow I managed to leave the charger for the camera battery behind (sound familiar?).

The blue wren is my very favourite Australian bird and this is an image from my very favourite tea towel. Which unfortunately will no longer be used as a tea towel because of a small singeing incident in the kitchen (Tim, not me). One thing about being home from Australia is that I have renewed energy to get things done - to replace the ugly blind in the closet, to start on the doily quilt (first contemplated back in November 2007) and to do something with this tea towel.

And so I did - I cut out the pieces for a halter top for baby bear from a Japanese craft book that I have called Koharu no fuku. The pattern calls for binding and I don't have enough tea towel so I'm going to dig through the stash to find something complementary to make the bias tape. Incidentally, while the tea towel is indeed from Australia, I have had it here in Seattle all along. Many craft supplies and books were rediscovered while we were in Melbourne; I'll get around to show and tell eventually.

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