Tuesday, 6 April 2010

make it work

Ah, the immortal words of Project Runway's Tim Gunn. I've been kind of enjoying season 7 (available to watch online) but is the format perhaps getting tired or the characters just aren't as dynamic a mix this time around?

Anyway, as I've been working along on this piece I've been considering my 'point of view as a designer' and remembering some of things about myself, namely that I really dislike mesh; adore lace but dislike mesh, particularly in clothing, you know, mesh inserts and the like. Love fishnet stockings though. The Kid Silk Haze/Wool Stainless Steel mix is just fluffy enough on 5mm needles to create a fabric but that has run out now and I'm not much liking the Wool Stainless Steel held double; there is still not enough bulk and it's mesh. I'm pondering a few options:
  • increase stitch count and knit with thread held double on much smaller needles but it's a new week and I think that I've had my fill of soothing stocking stitch for now
  • same but in a heavily textured lacy stitch (I'll be needing Barbara Walker)
  • increase stitch count and instead crochet with thread (plain or lacy?) held double which will produce a denser fabric but I can't find my crochet hook roll just now.
Ok, I think that I'll reserve some Barbara Walker volumes and think about it. Any suggestions welcome!


Anonymous said...

oooh im so glad to hear you are still PROJECT RUNWAY!! Me too but it is not as much fun without you ;)

Anonymous said...

there was meant to be a 'watching' there before PROJECT RUNWAY....

Di said...

Have just finished watching season 7 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the tasks just aren't quite as suprising any more, although they do try to tweak them a bit here and there. I missed the last minute "create a new look for your runway show" frantic making frenzy. I also thought this one seemed to offer a bit more commentary on the fashion industry, and the whole issue of designing in response to what you need to do to win, rather than just designing to a creative idea. Had me thinking/critiquing at least.