Saturday, 3 April 2010

making it up

Ok, this bit I am not making up - yesterday commenced with vomit at 5:00am and culminated with a trip to the emergency room in the afternoon. Same child (little miss bear), completely different woes. The upset tummy had cleared up (or cleared itself out with two more vomits) by 8:00am, the cut finger resulted from being caught in the car door. The finger was also cleared of any great damage after an x-ray and that glue stuff that they use instead of stitches and a sparkly silver bandaid - phew!

So by yesterday evening, I just really wanted some soothing stocking stitch knitting so I cast on with some Kidsilk Haze and Lion Brand Wool Stainless Steel, yarns held together. Yes, the Lion Brand rip-off of Habu which presents the opportunity to rant a little about Habu. Look, it's been a hard week.

I don't much like Habu. I know that it's the darling of the fibrenistas and perhaps that's part of it. Yes, their yarns are interesting, fascinating even but I am irritated by product names like A-17 1/4.5 which I guess is supposed to mean something to those in the know. Perhaps that is what irritates me, the 'those-in-the-know'-ness of it. And I feel like Habu has a lot of that.
Plus, when I once went by their stall at a fibre show, the woman was unpleasant to me, so that's that and I have embraced Lion Brand, yes, the company responsible for all of that Vanna's Choice acrylic out there.

So, what am I making? I don't know, I'm just making it up as I go along. I have wound the two yarns up into a ball together and cast on 54 stitches. I'm going to knit until the Kidsilk Haze runs out and then will keep going with the Wool Stainless Steel, probably held double. And then we'll see where we end up (clearly not on W 29th St though).

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heidi said...

I love this! It made me laugh. I agree with you on Habu, the yarn names are so annoying. Granted the 100% bamboo I worked with was one of my favorite yarns ever, but really, looking at their list of them, I have no idea which one I knit with. The names are all almost the same!
Sorry it's been a hard week. Maybe a tea tomorrow? We've got to visit before I head out for weeks!