Monday, 13 February 2012

road blocks

Just as was the problem with my Faux Prussian Stole at one point, I think that what has been holding me back from my Baudelaire socks is uncertainty about where I am up to and a kinked-up circular needle that made for uncomfortable knitting. Knitting is my treat, my indulgence, my reward - I should not be uncomfortable. Admittedly, both of these dilemmas are a direct result of years of being bundled up in a project bag - it is my own fault).

I applied myself the other day and in good bright daylight took a good hard look at them. One extra row at the heel and a humble set-up row and I am ready for the leg of the second sock. I also took out that nasty needle and put the sock on some bamboo double-pointed needles.

Haven't knit another stitch yet, but I do feel better about them.

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Leonie said...

Sometimes making a small change makes all of the difference :-)