Thursday, 6 September 2007

mccall's 3470

The universe and I would appear to be in harmony today - that is, I got my own way. After being disappointed that the only square neck smock patterns available on ebay were in sizes 3 and 5 when I really wanted a size 2, I did a search by the pattern title and found it as part of a lot of vintage patterns - in size 2! It's all paid for and could well be winging it's way to me from Missouri at this very moment - hooray. This will of course become the strawberry fields smock.

It is risky though to discover new things that you can search for and find on ebay. Sewing patterns, vintage sewing patterns - it hadn't occurred to me before. I bought another one too - McCall's 2403 which is an unlined child's coat. I will certainly not be making it in polar fleece which I am allergic to (albeit aesthetically allergic). This is the pattern that I plan to use to make a child's coat from the Romeo Gigli fabric that I bought a couple of weeks ago. The pattern and postage (from the US) is only US$5.98 which comes to less than the $10.95 (I think) that it would have cost me here. I'm delighted to have found these two great patterns that I wanted.

In other harmonious knitting news, I have completed the back and both fronts of the baby ballerina top, although I still haven't made it to Coles to weigh how much yarn I have left. I have started on the neck band and collar - perhaps I will finish this and then weigh the yarn in an effort to determine whether long sleeves would really be pushing the cosmic relationship.

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nikkishell said...

I have a slight vintage pattern buying problem. :)