Wednesday, 19 March 2008

the black pencil

"The Black Pencil was long and slim and new. He was owned by a schoolchild with whom he learnt to write and draw pictures. Then he had many jobs until eventually he 'grew' too short and was put away in a drawer.

There he met a blue pencil and a yellow pencil and together they had an amazing adventure."

The Black Pencil by Marcello Minale, 1968.

It's the Week of Vintage Children's Book Illustration over at Meet me at Mikes.


Pip from Meet Me at Mikes said...

i think.. you are never too short.. or too black. that's what i think! i'm off to explore your blog now! xx

Tamar said...

Oh my god! I remember this! I LOVED this book! And was there also a little short film or something that used to play on SBS?
It was brilliant!

Net said...

Sounds like an amazing book!

ingrid said...

I would love to see more of this one. I will have to hunt down a copy.

Di said...

sounds (and looks) like a cool book!

greenolive said...

Minale as in Minale the Designer? His coporate logo was a black pencil scribble in a box. I used to work with the Australian affiliate of this company. Small world. He had a great sense of paly and humour.