Monday, 2 June 2008

home delivery

I have already confessed that I can be really resistant to new things. Bloglines was one of them (for other resisters, this is a way of monitoring chosen blogs for activity). I am pleased though to be able to say that in the past tense - was one of them. A few days ago I set up my own feeds so that I know pretty much as soon as there is a new post to be read. And do you know what? I think that it has already increased my blog-reading efficiency which basically adds up to more time to read more blogs.

As you can see, there's now a link over there on the right that allows you to have bollewangenhaptoet home delivered, so to speak.


Ruby Hoppen said...

It was nice to see you at the post office! Personally, I think that it is a very important community hub. What a shame that our beautiful old post office building is now a restaurant. Anyway, Seattle sounds exciting! I will definitely be traveling around the west of America- I want to go back to San Francisco, and maybe even down to Santa Fe. I would love to meet up- and you should come and check out Montréal with me! VISAS ARE THE WORST WORST WORST THINGS I HAVE EVER MET!!!
love, ruby

OzKnitter said...

I have you under "SnB" in Google Reader :D

Heather said...

i love bloglines :0)