Sunday, 1 June 2008

this is ...

... my darling pet, Tonic, who is sadly no longer with us (yes, there was once a Gin too). It has been several years but I haven't had a pet since and he is still so dear to my heart.

Thank you to Angela from Three Buttons for the invitation to participate in 'this is ...'. I'm really quite excited about it and have had this photo ready to go for daaaays. What's next week's theme?


Corrie said...

oh what a pretty one! lovely photo

good luck with your move! I move back to sydney this week so I guess my house resembles your kitchen is the worst area at the moment...its amazing what you find


Stacey said...

He looks lovely. Was Gin his sibling?
I just read in an earlier post that you are moving!
Good luck - I look forward to reading about your US adventures.

Jenaveve said...

Tonic's adorable - what a lovely photo.

And I was just reading your post about Bloglines. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without it now.

Maureen Reynolds said...

Ah Tonic...what a lovely boy. Was Gin his 'wife' or sister or brother/ Cute name combo.

btw, another thought on your move to the US. You can do an Amelia/Alistair Cooke...Blog From America for the duration.

Jeremy said...

Oh dear, that photo still touches me deeply, I think because it captures the memory of Tonic such a beautiful way. The vivid colour of the photo, the way he seems to be hanging out with my clay handiwork, the overhanging orchid and that ... I don't know how to describe that look on his face ... but it's all a bit surreal. And after all, aren't our close relationships to animals a bit surreal when you consider how we talk to them and carry on domestic relationships with them? *sigh* What a character he was.
Gin was, presumably, his brother, though he was snow white and long haired. Amelia chose the names when she was, what... 13?