Saturday, 14 February 2009

i heart rsi

Crocheted hearts for 21 students and six staff members at baby bear's childcare centre. I don't remember any deal at all being made of Valentine's Day when I was at school. Celebrating it certainly wasn't instituted as an activity. But then, it's no longer 1977 either.

I took the opportunity to hand make the cards that baby bear took to give to all of her classmates. The yarn was recycled from a cotton jumper that, if I remember rightly, I bought from an op shop in Seymour in country Victoria. Phew - more of the stash used up (although only one out of several balls). The tags also travelled across the Pacific to be here (and I still have plenty more of those too) and were decorated by baby bear. The hearts were a very quick crochet but still ... my right elbow aches a bit.

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Victoria said...

Seymour - that cracks me up!!