Saturday, 21 February 2009


Ha ha, I do love a good neologism. So, according to the Chicago Tribune, here in the United States 16 per cent of consumers shop at thrift stores and this is expected to rise to 20 per cent this year. My question is, why so few??

I heard on the radio that luxury good retailers are also having trouble, so perhaps they and Goodwill should join forces. Here are some brands names that I have seen (and some purchased) at op shops or thrift stores:

- Comme des Garçons
- Sonia Rykiel
- Yves Saint Laurent
- Gucci
- Prada
- Costume National
- Pringle
- Helmut Lang
- Akira
- Hugo Boss

And now, Louis Vuitton:

I have some vague recollection of seeing some very mens style shoes in ... what, a magazine? when do I ever read a magazine? but anyway ... let's just say the media just before we left Australia and I put them on my mental shopping list. And then I met Mary Jane here in Seattle, knitter, artist and mother extraordinaire, who wears the best mens shoes and I put a star on my mental shopping list. And then I found these shoes at the Lifelong Thrift Store. $25 (and $50-odd to have a protective sole put on them. Never mind, they'll last forever).

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Di said...

I'm so impressed by your dedication to the cause- clearly it's working for you! Great find!
(Woah- the google word verification for meis BLOGric..!)