Friday, 7 August 2009

astral travelling

A couple of weeks ago I went to London, by myself what's more. Ok, I was fast asleep and dreaming but it was one of those super-vivid dreams and I was really walking down a street in London. It felt great. I loved London last time I was there and the dream held that wonderful feeling of promise and expectation.

Tomorrow I am off to Portland, Oregon to enjoy the halo of Sock Summit. In my dreams? No, really - I am going to Sock Summit (in that I am not booked in for anything, just going to enjoy the atmosphere and catch up with some other Australian visitors). And here's the promise and expectation bit - I am going alone, overnight, for the very first time since I became a mother. Back on Sunday evening!


Moorecat said...

Lucky girl: both "being" in London, and going to Sock Summit.

I don't know if you ever got to know Kylie Gusset through Melbourne s'n'b, but she's going to the Summit as well, as a vendor! She now has her own line of hand-dyed sock yarns (and rovings, but last I heard you don't spin...yet).

yarnivorous said...

Alas, I had the choice of going to SS or going to Europe. I'm still sad about missing out on SS... I soooo want to talk to other Aussies!