Monday, 21 September 2009


... that's the magic number.

Baby bear recently turned three and we had a birthday morning tea for her yesterday. She is such a grown-up girl now (small sob) - no more nappies (even overnight!), no more mother-tot swim classes (just the teacher and students in the pool now), no more bedtime kisses (hugs are ok, she just doesn't want to be kissed; and just at bedtime, I cover her in them the rest of the day).

Happy birthday sweetheart! In honour of this occasion I hereby rename you, for blog purposes at least, little miss bear.


melissa said...

i can't believe she's three! happy birthday!

amanda said...

happy birthday to baby bear! and no more nappies?!? that means you can't make jokes about us trading spaces and me having nappy duty :) hope you're doing well - long time no see!

goodkarma said...

oh happy birthday baby bear! lots of love and giggles from A!