Monday, 28 December 2009

baby steps, baby steps

No, he's not walking yet. That's me, taking baby steps, learning again what it is like to make it through a day punctuated by nappies, breastfeeding and burping, and with a three-year old in the mix to boot. I'm not complaining - our baby is lovely and mild and little miss bear is delightful. It is, however, a real process of adjustment.

And, frustrating as it is to me, I am just taking it slowly, one small step at a time, learning how to incorporate things into this new routine.

I am currently absolutely taken with this book,
Felting for Baby: 25 warm and woolly projects for the little ones in your life. Well, particularly with the booties project on the cover. Here are my baby steps over the past couple of weeks, each undertaken on a different day:

- bought roving in various colours at Weaving Works; I'm planning to use smoke (a silvery grey) and aubergine
- made it to the library and photocopied the bootie outline (I made both a 200 per cent enlargement as the pattern calls for and a 150 per cent enlargement)
- salvaged an empty milk carton from the recycling (this was much more difficult than it sounds because we are very fortunate to have my mother staying with us at the moment and she keeps the kitchen spic and span)
- washed said milk carton
- traced the bootie outlines onto the milk carton and cut the templates out

More updates as they come to hand.


Angela said...

Awww, I could imagine the difficulties in readjusting for you at the moment. Lucky for Mums!!

I can see why your smitten by the booties, they are so cute!

Here's to great 2010 Amelia, may you have a year of creativity, happiness, love, joy and unexpected op-shop finds : )

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

congrats on the new baby! And what fun..... when i get the time i would love to try and make some for my little girl, she's a few weeks away from walking :)

Thanks so much for wanting to make a dolly for dolly donations! That's lovely! Please send me a photo of him/her all done and i'll pop you on my blog with a link to your blog etc (Please tell all your friends too hehehe!!!)

thanks again, drop by any time,
Take care,