Wednesday, 8 February 2012

on geometry

I finished the striped portion of my Andrea's Shawl last night. I must admit that I kind of chickened out on my chosen decreases, that is, sssk and k3tog on edges and a decrease either side of the central stitch on every third row. I only did this for 21 rows stripes, then switched to regular shawl edge decreases (ssk and k2tog) but stuck with the central decreases every third row.

And I ended up with this:

Hmm, not at all a triangular shawl. I was hoping while I was knitting that any extra volume created by changing the decreases could be taken up with blocking. Really, really hoping.

And look what happened:

Hard to believe! This is just an initial blocking to see what I could achieve with that top edge. My next dilemma is the picot edging - brown or red?


Leonie said...

Nice! The picot edge would match the other edge if done in the grey, but I think it would be more defined if you used the red. Depends on the outcome you want really :-)

Ann said...

Brown, definitely.

rachel said...

It is fun to play with decreases to see how it changes the knitting. Too bad it takes so long to see in full size projects.

RheLynn said...

I think it is gorgeous!