Wednesday, 15 February 2012

will you be my sweet [potato]?

I had a small panic attack in Joann on Sunday afternoon (not uncommon for me in a big-box store like that but anyway) when I saw all of the Valentine's related craft ... stuff.

For my hometown compatriots who are not so familiar with this phenomenon, here in the US preschool and primary school children are, ah, expected to bring a valentine to give to each child in their class. Many purchase commercial cards, covered with licensed characters and many attach crappy compound chocolate to them which I then spend the next few days trying to discreetly dispose of. Valentine's day - love it.

Anyway, for miss bear and I that meant producing 21 cards. One potato + card stock already in the craft cupboard, originally purchased at the thrift store + some kids' paint = hand-made cards. Love it.

1 comment:

Leonie said...

Definitely the way to go using the spuds. Valentine's day doesn't seem right for Preschoolers though. They need to make Friend day instead.