Tuesday, 19 February 2013

everybody wants to work

"oh no, not me"

Oh, I was going to set out a 2013 agenda and maybe review last year's output a bit more and planned to catalogue absolutely everything that I have on the go and every single idea that I have bouncing around in my head but it all seemed like too much work and I kept putting it off. And then I went back to work; paid work, office work, commute-to-the-city-by-train work, swipe-my-security-pass work. After five years of variously leave without pay, long service leave, maternity leave and extended family leave (yes, we have all those things in Australia). And this will be my new baby.

And on the first day I wore a blouse that I sewed myself, a blouse that fit me just right across the bust (that was about all that was just right about it - I forgot to sew the gap up above the zip, the sleeves were badly finished, it wasn't quite long enough, didn't suit me and I didn't like it at all anymore by the time I finished it but, by golly, I wore it, because 14 months ago when we decided to return to Australia and I knew that I would go back to work, I resolved to wear a blouse that I had sewed on my first day back. And I did. The fact that I put the zip in the night before is just some indication of my ambivalence about the whole process. More on that all another time.)

Anyway, work, two days a week. Just like last time.


Leonie said...

Congratulations! Well done on getting your shirt together :-)

formandreform said...

Go You!!!
Hope you are going swimmingly and enjoying the backstreets and excellent Japanese food. I miss the city like crazy.

melissa said...

congratulations on the job!

nikkishell said...

It's a shame i no longer work in the city! We could have done lunch together :)
Enjoy the city and yay for the handmade blouse.xx

Here's a video for you: http://youtu.be/etw5vknZEPw