Tuesday, 10 March 2009

cup of tea?

Baby bear knows that I have a cup of tea in the morning. When she sees me with my white mug, she asks, 'cup of tea?' In the newest issue of Mixtape (that's issue 8, out now!) I have written a bit about how you can't manage to do everything but how important and rewarding it is to do the small things, the things closest to you - like making pyjamas for your little girl. Yes, I did manage them.

I used Simplicity 8173 that I bought at the thrift store and re-used an adult pyjama top and a pair of adult pyjama bottoms for the fabric (similarly purchased). I love that tea cup print, it's hilarious. Again, I tried to use the existing features of the original garments as much as possible - the button placket there at the back and the elasticised waist in the pants so there was no need for a casing or new elastic.

Needless to say, baby bear adores these pyjamas. When she puts them on she says 'mummy made it'
and my heart just melts.


Di said...

melting, melting. Lovely.

delamare said...

I used to have a pair of flannelette teacup PJs - adult ones - that I bought in SafeWay Malvern about 12 years ago. Not quite the same cups as here, but pretty close.