Tuesday, 31 March 2009

more quilt stuff

Here is a fascinating photo of quilt batting stuck to the floor:

Yes, I have been working on my vintage fabrics quilt, which has actually been a lot of fun. I like to sew, I do, I really do ... really ... truly. Heaven knows then why I spend so much time procrastinating and putting it off. When I get around to it, I do actually enjoy it. Really I do.

The much needed impetus to keep working on the quilt came last Friday when knitting friends and I got together for some mutual sewing support, to finish things that had been sitting around for too long (or which had never even been started). It was very successful - I finished cutting out the fabric pieces for the backing for the quilt and even got it sewn up. Hooray, that was my major achievement for the day.

Then of course I was on a roll and decided that I absolutely had to get the quilt layered together and pinned. Wow, what a chore. I had no idea and it took me two pinning sessions because I ran out of pins. the next day I went and bought three more packets (65 pins per packet - that's 190 more pins) and still I didn't have enough. Those things are pricey too so I have decided that instead of buying more I am going to quilt some of the inner squares and the pins that I take off then I can use on the edges.

So yes, that's the batting taped to the floor to keep it taught. I'm not actually going about it the traditional way, that is, I am going to quilt just the top and batting together and apply the backing later, instead of quilting the top, batting and backing together. The batting is a length of mystery fabric (certainly at least some percentage wool) purchased at Goodwill in Burien I think, cut in half and joined together. It will be snuggy.

So what I have now is a punk quilt. The packaging for the quilters safety pins reads 'will not rust or tarnish and can safely be left in your quilt'. It doesn't specify for how long. Because the only problem with completing one step of a project is that you then have no excuse for not getting on with the next step - yes, now of course I actually have to quilt it. After all that pinning effort I'm kind of tempted to just leave them there. At least for a while (ha ha, like that wasn't going to happen anyway).


sewing the seeds of love said...

Hello Amelia,
kudos to you for your quilting adventure !
You may be interested in having a look at this...she has great info on how she goes about things...I have learnt a lot from following along.


Good luck with the actual quilting ...I am struggling with my latest effort..about to go and do some unpicking!
Cheers, Peta-Jane

pam said...

Have just caught up with all the latest.Unfortumnately i had forgotten my password and couldn't seem to get through.
Megan from Wynyard, Tasmania-other end of the world, says "Hi!"
She loves your blog.
Me, too.
Glad you liked the pressies from mum and me.
ps kiss for BB and BTB