Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Who are you? I think that the whole 'search-for-identity' thing is most keenly associated with the teenage years when it is often such a burning issue. For me though the search goes on. It's no longer a big issue but yes, it's still there niggling away. Which brings me around to thrifting (as often happens). I've written before that buying things, particularly clothing, at the thrift store allows you to a) try out things that you normally wouldn't wear (at a fraction of the cost) and b) find great stuff that you wouldn't come across otherwise.

As per a) above, this kind of clothes shopping gives you a chance to become a you that suits the clothes you find, rather than endless searching for clothes that suit you. But as I've realised lately, you don't have to become all of the clothes that you find. In recent thrift shopping, I have come across a couple of pairs of black suede jeans - excellent quality, great condition, my size, $20. I even went so far as to try one of those pairs on and they were a good fit. But still, no, I couldn't become those jeans. I don't like leather clothing. I did buy a leather skirt once from the Salvation Army store in Abbotsford but never was comfortable in it. I only wore it a couple of times and gave it back. It just wasn't me, or I wasn't it.

As per b) above, I did find something great though. For ages I have been wanting a t-shirt or sweatshirt with either a quirky allover print or drawing on it. Thing is, I rarely go into shops that sell that sort of thing and my appetite for new clothing (and new clothing prices) is non-existent. So, to my delight,
at Goodwill the other week I found a cornflower blue (good colour on me) long-sleeved t-shirt (I like long-sleeved t-shirts and short-sleeved blouses) with a quirky owl drawing on it. It had a crewneck which I do not find at all flattering so I just cut off the binding when I got it home and the neckline is now open enough to look good. The small bit of doctoring doesn't seem to have done the rest of the t-shirt fabric any damage - that stuff seems not to unravel. So, I've worn the top a few times now (with denim jeans) and I'm pretty much delighted with it.

Pretty much; the thing is, I think that it might actually be a pyjama top. An owl is a night-time sort of motif and the slight texture of the knit is a bit pyjama-ish. That's one drawback of thrift store shopping - on some things you can never be quite sure. So, I seem to be a thirty-something who wears a slightly refashioned pyjama top as a long-sleeved t-shirt. But not with black suede jeans.

I'm good with that.


MildlyCrafty said...

I am definitely still searching for my identity. When I was a teenager I thought that eventually it'd come to me ... but it hasn't yet.

Anonymous said...

Well said...those are some of the same reasons I enjoy thrift shopping. I love that you wear a pajama top whenever it suits you.

Unknown said...

Yay for wearing pajamas as long sleeve tops!

victoria said...

GREAT post!! I love all those things about opshop clothes too, very much agree. I also wear a pj top bought new, because I liked it and wanted to buy it to wear as a top - it's all good.

Anonymous said...

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