Tuesday, 29 September 2009


That is 103 stories of empty space beneath my feet (and a second and final installment from my Birkenstock wardrobe - I still haven't managed to paint my toenails). In an effort to continue with child-friendly activities last week on Friday we went up the Willis Tower to the Skydeck to have a look at the city from above. This is the sort of touristy thing that I would rarely bother to do but I thought that little miss bear might find it interesting. She was actually pretty nonplussed about the whole experience but I thought it was great! Having children can really teach you things about yourself.

Chicago is a city famous for its architecture and is a wonderful place to look at from above. It was a bit overcast and the horizon between the lake and sky was just a blur and then the grey irregular rhythm of skyscrapers and the voids between them - fantastic.
The newest attraction up there at 412 metres (1353 feet) is the Skyledge which is a glass box that basically sticks out from the side of the building. You can stand there on the (I assume very thick and strong) sheet of perspex/glass(?) and look down at the space between you and the street.

Then, as a reward for this motherly concern for my child's travel enjoyment and edification, we went to Goodwill. The only Goodwill in Chicago and oh, the disappointment. It was small (compared to Seattle Goodwill stores), badly organised and the stock was dismal. We bought a couple of books but that was it. Upon returning home I worked out why (or at least why the Seattle Goodwill stores are so good). Look at the City of Seattle flag!


Di said...

*gasp* just looking at that gives me the heebie jeebies. I know that it won't fall down, but my head (and heart) just can't handle it. Didn't need kids to discover that about myself though (although I have discovered other things!)

yarnivorous said...

I'm with Di. LOL
We were in Chicago yesterday, on our way home from Paris. We read all about the original plan for Chicagy and played with some touch screens that had pics of the city. We like Chicago (when it is not freezing) cos it feels sorta Melbourne-like.
I also was in Chicago (for one day only) in 1999. I stayed in a horrible hostel that didn't supply anything but beds that smelled like drunk men had peed on them and you had to climb to the top level to have a cold shower.