Friday, 11 September 2009

double double doily trouble

No, not really, no trouble at all, I just wanted to get that one last bit of word play* in (plenty of toil though). I have finished sewing together the doily quilt top - hooray! But I am left with somewhat of a dilemma. I'm not sure about how to finish it, that is, about how far to go with finishing it.

I thought that it needed some sort of sashing, even if just in the way of thin coloured ribbons, to divide the patterned from the plain blocks, and some sort of border to make it a bit larger, and they would really need to be from the same fabric and ... and the whole thing just started to get a bit bigger and more 'finished' than I think I ever really had in mind. You know the concept of 'matchy-matchy'? Well, I fear that there is the risk here of being too 'finishedy-finishedy'.

To just bat it and back it with a minimum of fuss and some stitch in the ditch may be just the thing and whatever size that ends up being is just the size that it is. Or maybe just a border, or just the sashing, or ... ok, perhaps a bit of trouble deciding.

* Could also have been called 'Houston, we have a quilt top'


Di said...

Looks gorgeous! Not sure how I'd go about finishing it off. A bit of colour would be nice. Maybe just the backing fabric? I don't think I'd got for any wide sashings or border. Just as is, and bind it, and then stitch in the ditch I agree because you can't really compete with all the embridery already in there.
So we'll see this finished in about a year? ;)

susan said...

very very pretty