Thursday, 14 April 2011


All through uni I had the best intentions of catching up on those novels that I hadn't managed to read for my various English courses (as in English Literature, not English the language; I studied English when I was an exchange student in Amsterdam too, again literature, not the language). Anyway, Middlemarch by George Eliot was possibly the only one that I did read after the fact. And how fortunate that I did. Oh, Dorothea.

The Vital Statistics
Pattern: Dorothea Wraplet by Lion Brand Yarn, a semi-circular crochet wrap.
Yarn: Noro Kochoran (50 per cent wool, 30 per cent angora, 20 per cent silk) in shade 17; just over 1.5 balls. This yarn has good yardage but lots of knots.
Hook: 8mm - Kochoran actually calls for a smaller needle/hook size but this was all I had to hand.
Start to finish: 2 to 7 April 2011 - crochet is quick.
Stash/recycle content: Oh dear, more yarn from Australia. I bought this from Woolbaa in Albert Park shortly after I finished baby bear's tomten, adamant that I was going to cast on straight away for the next one. Yep, that was three years ago. I haven't used it all so will have to think of something for the bit that I have left.
Comments: I love Noro, even when it is full of knots. I love to see the colours unfold, even when you are splicing in the next length of yarn after the knot. The wonderful texture (which has nothing to do with knots). Quick, simple, free pattern. I modified the edging somewhat and just did double crochet (English terms) along the straight edge, And certainly, do not break the yarn when you finish the wrap and transition to the edging; there's no need to.
Verdict: I made this to give away to someone who has given away far greater things (I just hope they remember to handwash it).

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Leonie said...

It looks really fluffy, is it soft or is it itchy and does it shed? I'm curious because I normally steer clear of fluffy stuff.