Thursday, 28 April 2011

this too shall pass

Jet lag - 24 hours straight without sleep; one child wakes as soon as the other falls asleep; waking up from an hour and a half of sleep feeling strangely deeply rested and for that split second not having any idea where I am; both children asleep, both adults awake, all in the same bed at 2:00am.

After the hecticness of being away I have come desperate for some routine and discipline, determined to just take things slowly, be measured with time and energy. I only took two knitting projects with me to Melbourne (Jarrett and the Faux Russian Stole) and have come home to a whole slew of projects that three weeks had managed to erase from my knit-consciousness - the infinity wrap (oooh), the tibetan clouds (unbeaded) stole (aaah), the babette blanket (oooh), must seam the tomten, must work on everything at once, must cast on for new projects. Must calm down.

So far, I've worked the crochet equivalent of short rows into the dips between the infinity motifs in the aptly named Infinity Wrap. This is my modification; as the pattern is written, I'm not keen on the way the mesh edging pulls in the dips. My wrap will have straight(er) edges, then the mesh-and-bobble edging (although I'm doubting the bobbles).


Leonie said...

Ah the jet lag, lots of sitting outside catching some rays will help resettle your clocks. Try to pace yourself with the knitting/crocheting, you'll over do it and end up not in the mood for any at all LOL!

Di said...

Oh, I do hope that the sleep thing settles back into a sensible routine soon. Sleep deprivation is no party...