Tuesday, 19 April 2011


It is all a bit of a tangle at the moment but I have completed the knitting on baby b's tomten. This whole jacket is made from Icelandic Lopi that I bought from the op shop (St Vincent de Paul's in Malvern - before they moved) and the thrift store (Crown Hill Value Village).

The body is all in burgundy and blue with random stripes and the sleeves in bright teal, burgundy and light teal. Yes, two shades of teal - one purchased in Melbourne, the other years later in Seattle. Although not evident in this photo, the teal right up there in the first row of the sleeve will hopefully make the most of the tomten's distinctive structure.

My only question now is what to about fastening(s)? In my mind I envisioned a two-way separating zip, plastic moulded in dark blue, burgundy or any shade of teal. Alas, no such thing exists (or at least not at this length) and so thwarted I am left in a bind. Should I just use the dark blue one-way separating plastic moulded zip that I have already bought (which is not the zip that I wanted and this will probably weigh heavily upon me forever)? Or do some more knitting - button band, buttonhole band and buttons to choose to boot?

(These aren't really the only questions that I have about life but I am content right now that these are the most pressing).

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Leonie said...

Ah the knitter's dilemma! Button bands or zip.....
So, can you go to the local fabric supplies shop and buy a length of zip off the roll with two zip heads on it? Would that work? Actually now that I write that, it's not quite right...you probably want what is on the sleep suit of my niece, a zip with a sealed end on each end and where the two zip heads fit inside each other so they can both be undone...like on a sleeping bag? Hmm they should be around somewhere if that's what you are after, it's just a question of finding it. Good luck!