Monday, 27 June 2011

invisible beauty

Sometimes it's the things that you can't see ...

An invisible zipper! Installing zippers and sewing buttonholes are two things that I have long had a mental block about. For, as it turns out, no reason at all. It was really simple to do, does require a special foot, but just involves pinning the zipper on and sewing down the edges. The groove in the foot guides it over the coils of the zipper and the result is fantastic, and invisible.

So the Marimekko lotus dress is proceeding. Despite my greatest efforts and practice toiles, I have still managed to muck it up in places, mostly in the matching of the fabric panels in order to get enough length. I think that the fit is going to be good, I still need to work out where to put the back darts though (lower than the pattern directs I think) and get to work on the lining.

Oh, and I've bought some Echino Etsuko Furuya fabric for the next one ...

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