Wednesday, 15 June 2011

string theory

Just how long is a piece of string?

Or rather, how long should it be? I am still struggling to determine the perfect size for a stole. I have an Oilily woven woollen stole that I love, it's just the right width but not quite long enough. The Vionnet stole that I knit last is a good size, perhaps still not quite long enough, but turned out to be too heavy. I know that I like a scarf to be at least as long as I am tall so that it can be doubled around my neck but is this necessary for a stole that I like to wear across my back, one end hanging over my left shoulder and the other end over the shoulder?

Point is, I am three-and-three-quarter repeats through my Faux Russian Stole. The pattern calls for five-and-a-half repeats and I am deliberating about doing only four and a half. This is causing me some measure of anxiety! What if that is not long enough? How will I know that the five and a half is not the right length, the length that it should be if I don't actually knit it that long? But would it be annoying to have too much extra stole floating around? And being knit from a recycled cotton/linen/silk blend, it is already getting quite heavy. Oh, questions, questions!

But of the most significance is, am I sixty-seven per cent of the way through it or eighty-three??

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