Tuesday, 9 August 2011

in my head

Of course, the perfect place to find rocks.

Things do feel a bit hectic in my head at the moment. Suddenly it is August and everything has become really busy. We had house guests this past weekend, my mother arrives tomorrow afternoon to stay for ten days, there is some travel planned (west coast), more house guests, a birthday and then it's back to school.

I have also enrolled myself in a class at the local community college which will start in late September. It's not finalised yet but when it is, I'll be very excited to tell all about it. Then there is more travel (east coast) and a week alone with my littlies. So much to look forward to!

Everything here continues apace and new things are added every day. I'm making some jewellery, planning to draft up a toile specific to my measurements which were taken by a friend last weekend, then I will draft the swimsuit. And rocks, adding to my rock collection.

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