Friday, 5 August 2011

my pet rock

I oiled the squeaky hinges of our bedroom door with the unintended side effect that it will no longer stand open. Time for a pet rock.

The Vital Statistics
Pattern: I have registered this concept on my journeys around the (internet) traps but never really took note. Some post hoc searching leads me to think that they may have originated with Beata of Fly Along. I took motif 128 from Sasha Kagan's Crochet Inspiration and after completing the triangular motif winged the rest.
Yarn: DMC coton perle 5 I'm guessing.
Hook: 1.75mm steel hook.
Start to finish: I made it today.
Stash/recycle content: Hooray, thread from the stash! Rock from the park.

This was actually a pain to make! Well, the first motif part was easy but getting it to fit around the rock - ugh. And too much thinking: is the rock the right shape? is the thread the right shade? is it the right weight? is the motif the right shape? the right density? Too much thinking and it's hard to just get on with it.

Verdict: It will do the trick. And the endless possible combinations of rock and thread and motif could keep me busy with more of these for a long long time. Bit of an ethical quandary about rock sourcing though. I asked some children that we were with to help me find a suitable rock as a way of inducing them to continue upon the path towards home but I insisted that the rocks not come from private gardens. We ended up picking one up on the path that cuts down from the road to the park. Which I guess is ok but if everyone took a rock the hillside would possibly collapse. I could buy one at a garden supply store I suppose but that would kind of defeat the purpose ...

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Kat said...

oh that is super cute, I just made one myself and I agree about the rock crochet is harder then it seems _ LOL! I love yours, nice photo as well. Take care