Thursday, 4 August 2011

sticky little fingers

I seem to end up with all sorts of greasy stains on my t-shirts. I like to think that it comes from constant pawing by sticky little fingers (ok, and maybe also because when I drop food it doesn't land in my lap). So, in order to avoid prematurely retiring a stained red t-shirt, I have been pondering some embellishment options.

Embellishment - hmm, just the word gives me the shivers, redolent as it is of bedazzled connotations (I would like to note that blogger's spell check does not even register bedazzled). Anyway, I have this fine, wide grosgrain ribbon which I think is quite refined, not even remotely dazzling, and am considering how I could drape it across the t-shirt in question. Of course, I would need to iron it, and it would sit flat, and it would probably be better to model the options in 3-D; nevertheless, any opinions? I quite like the ends tucked in to the neckline (so that I don't need to finish them) but also don't want it to look as though the t-shirt chest is spewing ribbon.

And I would only gently baste it down as another greasy mark is sure to appear somewhere else sometime soon. And then I will either have to rearrange the ribbon or think of something else.

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Rachel said...

There is a product called 'Greased Lighting' that is great at removing grease stains. Sometimes I can even remove an old stain using it. I bought it at a hardware type store.(
Personally I like the option that has the ribbon going diagonally across the shirt.