Sunday, 9 December 2007


I was delighted to see these lovely knitted nests in the window at Hudson (229 Carlisle St, Balaclava; tel. 9525 8066; M-F 11ish-5:30ish, S, S 10:30ish to 5:30ish). I have previously gaped at their truly awesome Lego displays but I'm really pleased by these rustic little numbers. Hudson stocks a range of mens and womens clothes, what I guess is referred to as streetwear. All labels that I am, ahem, unfamiliar with except for Princess Highway, which is just a great pun for those familiar with Melbourne's road system. I'm actually wearing a blue Princess Highway top this very moment but I bought it at Vinnies, Bondi.

Anyway, aside from the adult clothing Hudson stocks a lot of other stuff - baby gear, accessories, purses, hairclips, some shoes, stuffed toys. Most of this is of a Japanese anime flavour - cutsie brightly coloured stuff. The baby clothes range is great and includes the very witty Rock Your Baby (for the prematurely hip - love it!).

So, good to see that someone is knitting in Balaclava! Well, I have been too, slogging away on Jeremy, only the back to go now. I also made a quick trip to Spotlight this morning and bought the tapestry wool for the embroidery that I'm planning for the collar. Oh, and I may also have bought three skeins of Noro Kochoran in shade 17. (Although not at Spotlight, clearly.) Hmm? what? hunh? haven't finished the last one yet? Oh, details.


Moorecat said...

Talk about when worlds collide... The artist with the knitted nests is a friend of mine from our kids' kinder days. Her blog is here:

Please go and say hello, and tell Michelle I sent you :) She's another local, too!

greenolive said...

I love the knitted nests! Do you think they knitted them on those twigs? And the felt bird in one nest is so cute!

gusseting said...

i love the nests too - and your photography of them is beautiful!