Monday, 10 December 2007


Many thanks to Catherine for commenting to let me know about artist responsible for the nests (and the canvasses and the postcards - there are actually 30 pieces in the show and I'm embarassed to admit that I hadn't realised - I wish that I had asked). Anyway, Michelle Giacobello, apparently an East St Kilda local, is the artist and I strongly recommend that you take a look (both at her blog and the Hudson show).

In other knitting news, I swatch. Yes, I swatch for particular projects but I also swatch for yarns. Ah-huh, just individual, random balls of yarn that I am curious about, which is just about all of them really. My knitting pals all have a good chuckle when they see me sitting there with yet another single ball of something, working away at a tension square. Always with a garter stitch border. I tried seed stitch but it just didn't work for me and was too time consuming for what is designed to be but a sketch in yarn. You can check your gauge, feel the fabric, assess the drape, store them away in your own little reference library of tension squares. Ah, it keeps me off the streets.

Here on the left is a completed swatch of a (cough) Spotlight yarn. Baby bear has torn up the label but it is Hues of Opulence shade #106 - Tea. It's 100% percent cotton and actually very nice. On the needle is another Spotlight yarn -
Moda Vera Corn - this time 100% corn fibre. I'm surprised that Kellogg's isn't getting in on the act. I also bought a third ball, a cotton/bamboo blend, also in a shade of pink. Hmm, three pinks at once. My swatch collection comes in a range of colours, it really just depends what takes my fancy on the day, although interestingly there is no yellow or orange. Two colours that just don't take my fancy.


Michelle said...

Oh Wow! Thanks for the shout!

What do you do with all those swatches? I have visions of an enormous cocoon-like tent. :)

kimski said...

Wouldn't a golden hands knit along be fun.