Saturday, 5 July 2008


Some weeks ago when I was browsing in the Rizzoli bookshop in Milan (oh sorry but the trip has almost worn off) I came across this book, Knitalong.

It's a well presented book, a good introduction to the whole knitting scene so possibly a little basic for someone who is already familiar with it. Even so I have since found it worth a read (having borrowed a copy from the library). The knitting patterns are fairly basic and didn't inspire me although, again, a new knitter will find some good projects there to start out on. (Note, however, that this is not an instructional book - I mean someone who can already knit and is ready to try a few things out.)

The best part of the book, for me, is the chapter on recycling and not least because it's all about my friend Nichola and her cyber-progeny Wardrobe Refashion. It was so fantastic to be in a big bookshop in a foreign land reading about the achievements of your friend. And I'd like to add that she now has three little girls. This section also has the one thing in the book that I was instantly moved to make - a pincushion (one of which I have wanted for ages) from a felted jumper. No trouble.

The instructions are in inches which just swim before my eyes so I just used a square quilting template and cut out four squares, cutting two of them further in half. Then I followed the general instructions. This is my first effort here on the far right - the jumper came up very fuzzy so the fair isle pattern definition has been lost. I also hand sewed my pin cushion which may explin the lack of definition at the seams compared with the book's version. I also have some tarnished metal buttons that I think would match better but that would involved re-binding the whole thing. I'll have to think about it. I would also recommend not over-stuffing the pincushion so that you have more leeway with the binding process.

The second incarnation was a little more successful, made from a
jumper that I bought at a 'yard sale' just outside Issaquah (fabulous name, once called Squak) on my first weekend in the US (yes, I know how to start with the important things). That's already been gifted but I think that I have enough fabric left over for a version three. And it's given me some great ideas for other felted jumper three-dimensional shapes - what about a ball?


nikkishell said...

Thanks for posting this. I've still not seen the book myself.

Di said...

Great work- such a clever idea. And so lovely to see Nic mentioned in print!!