Thursday, 24 July 2008

not happy amy

I quite like Amy Butler's products, not a the rush -out-and-buy-some kind of like but certainly a leisurely-leaf-through-this-book kind of like - Amy Butler's Midwest Modern : A Fresh Design Spirit for the Modern Lifestyle. The book is indeed a visual feast, full of colour and pattern, excellent photography, a bit of text.

As I was leafing through the book though, getting quite excited by a particularly nifty little dress, it slowly dawned on me that there was not going to be a patterns/tutorial/how-to section at the back for some/any of the projects illustrated. There's just a
recipe for a foot bath (but I don't think that counts) and some instructions on pillow covers. I was so disappointed. It made it seem more like a vanity project, a big hardback promotional catalogue. Yes, I know there's a heap of sewing projects in her other book and I see now that she has a heap of free patterns on her website and ... ok, I love Amy.

But still, instead of going out and buying the lotus dress pattern, I went out and bought this top second-hand instead. I see a resemblance, shape wise, and I know that this fits me a-ok. This is an issue because it is almost impossible for me to find woven fabric blouses or dresses that fit me across the bust. I am tired of always wearing t-shirts and want some items that are a bit smarter. And dresses are so great for summer so I am taking matters into my own hands.

My plan is to pick the top apart (done that) and reverse engineer a sewing pattern from it and add a skirt, possibly with help from the Sidonie pattern on BurdaStyle. Am I crazy?

In other sewing news, I have made a quilt top out of this fabric. Yep, just whipped it up.

Ok, it was just five straight seams but I'm still proud of myself, if not only because I actually did it instead of dreaming about it. Have you noticed that many of my ideas don't get off the ground? Sometimes I feel as though I am swimming in them. This past weekend I bought seven panels of this floral fabric from a garage sale for $3.00. Someone had used them as curtains and I think they were cut down from something else in the first place (a tablecloth perhaps?). So I have re-repurposed them by sewing them back together. Inspired by the very straightforward ideas in Make Your Own Contemporary Quilts I am planning to simply add a layer of cotton batting, back it with plain fabric and do some very simple machine quilting (or maybe just some knots ...) to hold it all together and then bind.


Bird Bath said...

I'll be interested to see the finished quilt - the floral fabric is gorgeous!
I'm finding it easier to re-structure clothes to suit my shape instead of frustrating myself trying to find a blouse that will do up neatly. I'm not always succesful but the process of restructuring is more fun than frustrating.

nikkishell said...

I wasn't too impressed with that book.
I look forward to seeing your Sidonie skirt :)

Jenaveve said...

Me too - wanting to see what you've come up with (it sounds a little tricky, so good luck with it - very brave!)

I hear you on the 'swimming in ideas' bit; sometimes the finished results seem so much better in my imagination ... probably why they remain ideas.

Hope you're enjoying your new home own still. I love that sign from your last post... ('nuff said, hey?!!)

Veronica said...

Good job on the top. you are going to be a busy sewer. Id like to make that hat thats on the front cover of that book...

Liesl said...

Love a bit of a reverse engineered pattern. My most favourite and best-fitting top is one I copied from a threadbare store-bought one.

Happy tracing!

Angela said...

Hello Amelia!

I hope you don't mind but I've nominated you to choose our This Is theme for this week.

I can't wait to see your final reversed engineered dress, sounds challenging but seeing the work you can do I'm sure you'll make it look a breeze.

I'm loving reading your American adventures.

Lisa said...

I bought the book too hoping it was like her others and was so dissapointed. Good luck with the reverse engineered top!

delamare said...

I too agree about the book. Very pretty indeed, but I found the text intensely annoying.