Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Have I mentioned abebooks before? I love abebooks.

We visited the Bellevue branch of the King County Library Service on the weekend. I could hardly carry the pile of books that I found there - books on knitting, on quilting, on trapunto and Period Needlepoint for Antique Furniture by Madeleine Jarry and Maryvonne Dobry. Translated from the French - who in 1976 thought that this book was worth translating from the French? I love them too.

Of course, as often happens with fabulous library books, I fell in love immediately and dearly wanted my own copy. I had a quick check on abebooks thinking that if it wasn't too expensive, $5 or so, I would grab my own copy. Could I be so lucky? Yes, even luckier - $1.88. I ordered it about an hour ago and it has already been shipped. I love abebooks.

ps - If you want your own copy, be quick! The next cheapest copy is $1.91!

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