Tuesday, 7 April 2009

j crew collection

I like J Crew. Particularly, I like J Crew woollen knits - 100 per cent lambswool, lovely colours. I also love the fact that 100 per cent lambswool J Crew knits in lovely colours are very easy to find at the thrift store. And they unravel really well.

I have an ongoing anxiety about not having enough recycled yarn to complete the project that I'm working on. Sometimes it's ok; yes, one adult sweater will definitely yield a pair of mittens or a child's cardigan. But what about an adult cardigan, an adult cardigan for me? Like the one that I cast on for on the weekend, totally outside the strictures of my knit list. More about that in a moment.

So the J Crew sweaters - I have decided to start a collection of them. Eventually, surely, I will find some duplicates that will allow me to cast on for the Sunrise Circle Jacket or Wallington without any niggling fears. Surely. Or else I'll just have to keep knitting children's garments, but that's ok too. I think that the benefit of restricting myself to a particular brand is that I can be more confident about finding the same colours and weights. Also, it will prevent the closet from overflowing too much.

As it is, I have cast on for Wallington in some 8ply/dk claret recycled J Crew lambswool. It comes from a men's extra large but still I'm not sure - differences in gauge between the machine knit and my hand knit?? So I have started on a sleeve - we'll see how it goes.

ps - they also machine wash really well, despite what the tag says!