Saturday, 17 October 2009


That's me. I have been very remiss with posting about a fabulous package that arrived over a week ago already.

It is lovely to come home and see a box sitting on your door step, to recognise the Australia Post packaging, to know that it contains something from home. But not just something - many things! The package came from Di, of the blog Clementine's Shoes, who is a dear friend back home in Melbourne.

While going through our belongings back in June,
I unearthed a scarf (black with scottie dogs on it) that belonged to my grandmother. I knew that I was probably not going to wear it but so wanted to keep it in some way. Ah, refashion! Di had recently made a drawstring pouch-type back pack for her little boy and I thought that I would never manage to get around to such a thing so she was kind enough to agree to make a backpack for little miss bear out of the scarf. Thank you so much Di!

But not only did we receive the backpack (referred to as 'the backpack that Di made especially for me' by little miss bear) but also a fabulous sock monkey. And some Lucas Pawpaw Ointment which is the only surefire cure I know of for those annoying dry cracks at the corner of your mouth. And a magazine. And something very precious that came in bubble wrap and was consumed pretty much before I could even get my camera out. And some more bits and pieces, all
deeply appreciated, that are out of sight here. Thank you again Di, we are so delighted with it all.


Di said...

You're welcome! So strage to see Mr sock sitting there in your part of the world...
(and I note you still refer to Melbourne as home!)

Frogdancer said...

What a terrific sock monkey. It must be nice to get packages from home.