Saturday, 17 October 2009


Me, again. I have also been most remiss about posting on all sorts of things recently but particularly about projects underway and projects finished.

First of all a project underway to thank Di for the wonderful package previously blogged about. Little did I know that after requesting that Di sew something for baby bear that I would return to Seattle and have a crazy burst of sewing inspiration and time.Oooh, inadvertent craft swap happening here. Apparently her little boy needs an apron for cooking and painting and other potentially messy activities and she never gets around to making one. A-ha, my opportunity!

I was going to buy waterproof oilcloth of some sort but in the spirit of refashioning and using my stash I decided to look a little closer to home and decided on a graphic black and white fabric, thrift-store purchased, which I originally used in my vintage fabrics quilt. My initially plan was to sew it with a layer of vinyl over the top but was delighted to discover a product that allows you to, effectively, laminate your own fabric - Therm O Web Iron-on Vinyl! Wow.

Here is a before- (unlaminated on the left) and after- (laminated on the right) shot:

The actual making of the apron is also progressing - I have cut out the pieces and pinned the binding around the edges but am not going to say or show any more so that it will be a surprise when it arrives in melbourne. I am also going to have to wrack my brains as to what special Seattle extras I can put into the final package.


sewing the seeds of love said...

Thanks for the link to this product..would be perfect for a few projects I have in mind.
x PJ x

sewing the seeds of love said...

Me again..did you use the matte or gloss version ?
x PJ x

Di said...

It's amazing what you can buy! Not wanting to make you feel any pressure, but I'm looking forward to seeing what this stuff looks like in person!